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Key things to consider before hiring a plumber

Finding a good plumber can be hard. What exactly should you consider when choosing a plumber?

The first step to hiring the right plumber is knowing what to look for. Once you figure out how to identify a seasoned professional plumber, you can sit back, relax and let the plumber provide the highest quality plumbing services. From effective communication to experience, gas safety and insurance, below are the key things to consider before hiring any plumber in Bristol.

  1. Certifications

Plumbers are screened and certified based on their ability to provide certain plumbing solutions. Professional plumbers have the required certifications to do their jobs. If you want to hire a plumber for any reason, certification should be the first thing you should ask for. An easier option is to hire a plumber from Plumbing Bristol – all our plumbers have undergone the required plumbing training and are certified to carry out professional plumbing services. So why not give us a call on 07733 192400

  1. Gas Safety

If you intend to hire a plumber for any gas appliance/ pipework, make sure the plumber is licensed by Gas Safe to do such jobs. A fully certified engineer will carry a Gas Safe photo ID and their own unique license number. You can request to see the back of the ID, it contains a list of appliances the plumber can work on e.g. Gas Fires, pipework, and Gas Boilers etc. So just before you hire any plumber for any gas work, don’t hesitate to ask for their Gas Safe Registered ID Card.

  1. Insurance

Never hire an uninsured plumber. Certified plumbers are expected to be insured, this guarantees that you will be covered for any damage or accidents to your property. Also, legitimate plumbing engineers are insured up to a certain amount. But beware, if a plumber is fully insured but lacks the appropriate required certifications to do a particular job, the insurance will be void.

  1. Experience

You shouldn’t hire a plumber that will end up experimenting with your plumbing system. Regardless of a plumber’s certifications and insurance, ask about the engineer’s level of experience. Ask about the types of plumbing works the plumber has done before that are similar to yours and request for references. Any reputable plumber should be willing and able to provide references for past jobs.

  1. Availability

Sometimes it’s hard to predict when something will go wrong with your home or office’s plumbing system. A pipe may burst in the middle of the night, or your toilets may overflow, or perhaps water is coming out through your ceiling? This can wreak havoc if left unattended overnight. So make sure you hire a plumber from a company that provides a 24Hrs emergency plumbing service. This is why Plumbing Bristol’s 24/7 emergency plumbing service is available 365 days of the year to help you with any plumbing emergency. Give us a call on 07733 192400 immediately!

  1. Effective communication

Professional plumbers understand the essence of good communication. They are willing to discuss the plumbing problem and the most suitable solution. They answer all your key questions and gives you an honest assurance about the quality of their work. This is absolutely crucial in order to avoid costly mistakes. If the plumber is not willing to communicate freely about his services before the job starts, he may refuse to communicate during and after job even if you’re not satisfied with his services.


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