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5 Common Plumbing Problems And How To Solve Them

If left unattended, most common plumbing problems can easily escalate into a disaster. To prevent such scenarios, here are some of the most common plumbing problems and how to solve them.

  1. Leaks

The most common sources of leaks around the home are dripping taps, pipework, toilets, radiators, and showers. But you’ll have to look outside your home too. Overflow from cistern in the loft or a water tank and poorly plumbed appliances can cause leaks too.

But some leaks are from pipes that are hidden from view. So if you’re on a meter and you receive an abnormally high water bill, it could be an indication that at least one of your out-of-view pipes is leaking. Give Plumbing Bristol a call on 07733 192400 and we’ll sort it out!


Once you observe a leak anywhere around your home, turn off all water at the stop tap (also known as stop valves or stop cocks). The stop tap controls all the water entering your home. You should look for it under your kitchen sink. But it could be situated somewhere else too.

Turn off your central heating system and any electric immersion heater, don’t turn on hot taps. Open all cold water taps to drain the pipework and storage system quickly. If the leak is not what you can fix, call Plumbing Bristol on 07733 192400 right away!

  1. Noisy Pipes

If you can hear thumping sounds emanating from your pipework, you may be wondering what exactly is happening.  There are several different causes of such sounds and they include:

  • Loose pipes or pipes that aren’t clipped correctly may move and hit against the wall or floor to cause thumping noise
  • Loose fitting washers in stop taps
  • Faulty ball valves
  • Trapped air at the stop tap can make the pipes vibrate with a thumping sound


It’s hard to tell if you’ll be able to figure out or repair the precise cause of noisy pipes around your home. The easiest solution is to call a professional plumber to inspect where the noise is emanating from and then solve the problem once and for all.

  1. Blocked toilets/Running toilets

A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. Running toilets are often caused by a leaking fill valve or a flapper that doesn’t seal. Blocked toilets are often caused by flushing items that should never end up in a toilet. These items include disposable wipes, band aids paper towels, floss, pads and tampons, fat, oil and grease, medication etc.


You can use a plunger to unclog a blocked toilet. Another option is to use a sink snake to get around the u-bend in the toilet and dislodge any clog. Also, check to see if the ball cock isn’t damaged. If the ball cock is faulty, it can cause an insufficient flush. If the toilet is still blocked after all, call a professional plumber to fix the problem. A running toilet can be fixed by replacing the fill verve or flapper. A professional plumber can help you out with both.

  1. Slow or clogged drains

Slow or clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing issues in any house. Clogged drains mostly occur in the kitchen and it can cause floods which give off a nasty smell. To prevent a clogged drain, never put fats, oils or cooking grease down the sink.


Sometimes, all you need is a drain cleaner. Also, there are several over-the-counter products for unclogging drains including baking soda and vinegar. But if you’re in Bristol and you want a long-term solution, call Plumbing Bristol on 07733 192400 to do the job.

  1. No hot water

 There are several different causes of no hot water in a house. The first thing you should do is confirm if your water heater is on. Here are other things you should check do;

  • If you have a gas water heater, check to verify if the light is actually lit
  • Check the temperature setting to figure out if it is high enough to provide the right amount of hot water
  • Also, check to see if the heater is big enough for your house


If everything seems fine after checking and you still have no hot water in the Bristol area, call Bristol Plumbing on 07733 192400

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